hi im new to this forum, iv been having 6monthly smear test for a while now. my recent result sais cervical result normal but then says high risk of hpv dont understand unless im being thick! iv got a colposcopy 3rd of june im not sleeping and thinking about it all the time! am i being stupid please help.


thanx deb

Hi lovey

Firstly try not to worry about the HPV result too much - nearly everyone comes into contact with HPV at some point and most people manage to get rid of the virus within a couple of years. However, because you have tested positive, even though your smear is normal you could be more likely to have cell changes so they like to take a look just in case. You are in safe hands and its positive that your smear was normal, however they will keep an eye on you which is a comfort


does that mean everything should be ok?sorry

Hi Sarah...It's impossible to say what might happen but as you have a clear smear it means your cervical cells are all ok. From what I understand this HPV thing is an infection that about 80% of all women by their 40's will have had. Once you have it it can lay dormant for years in your body & not do anything, or, it can flare up. When it flares up the body will naturally try & fight it off. It can take up to 2 years for that to happen. However, in some women the body can't quite fight it off & so the hpv decides to change your cells. This in itself doesn't mean bad news. The problem is the first signs of cancer are cell changes. Yet the cells also change naturally by themselves (& go back to normal) so it's difficult to know when cell changes happen as to which way it goes. That's why they keep checking us women, and as hpv can cause cell changes that's why they'll keep an eye on you. Better for them, & you, that they regularly monitor you & treat any changes as a prevention. A colposcopy is pain free though a little uncomfortable but over very quickly & worth having done. There should be nurses with you (1 looks after the consultant, the other focuses on you) & in my experience they are so supportive & reassuring. God luck Sarah

hi went for coloscopy, nurse asked questions but she was confident that she would not find anything which was great

went for examination and she suddenly said she'd found some pre cancer cells! took biobsy now frightened as she was so confident that she would not find anything frightened