Twenty odd years ago I had abnormal smear with hpv......this was dealt with by repeat smears every six mths until it returned to normal...... My gyne said he thought it would go back to normal and not to worry..... It did go normal...and I was put back on three yearly screening.... I had three three children.


they are now grown up and I'm in my early fourties.


i was late by two years for my last has just come back borderline abnormalitihpv and hpv negative.


my question is does hpv have to be present to e develop cancer.?

my periods are shocking in the last two years..... Flooding and lots of clotting....I also have lumpy tissue behind the cervix????


any ideas plz.




I don't think its only HPV that causes the problems with abnormal cells and cc - I think that can happen without it, but there seems to be more evidence of a link between HPV and abnormalities and cc

I've just had a high grade dyskaryosis result and had a colpocopy and waiting for results on that.   They didn't mention whether I have HPV so I am going to check that




 It won't let me type propley here .... But I would like to hear from anyone who knows if cervial cancer happens with negative hpv because I have to wait three years from another screening? Hope it come back ok for u tho x