Smear tests and thrush


I can't seem to find a straight answer for this online. 

If I have thrush should I still go for a smear test or should I rebook? 

It seems pointless going if I'll only have to go again but now I've booked it I just wanted to get it over with! 

Please could you advise if I'm only going to have to go again I should rebook but if they can do it and investigate beyond any infection then I'd rather get it done! 

Thanks for for your help in advance. 


Hiya, yes you can still go for a smear test if you have thrush cos they are sampling your cevix and not your vagina (where thrush is present) In the meantime you can purchase some cream from the chemist to eliminate your thrush and that should help you

Personally I would not go, as I have heard that thrush can cause abnormal cells on the cervix, which would cause you a whole lot of worry. I'd get better then reschedule. 

I'm a few years late answering this but my GP said you should wait until thrush has cleared before having a smear x

I’m a few years late with this one but I had my colposcopy this week for test of cure and thrush was clearly seen. My oncologist still did the ectocervical and endocervical swabs for smear test.