Smear test

Hi , i was diagnosed with uterus didelphys 2 years ago and have 2 cervix. I got a smear test a year ago and while getting it done she seemed unsure she said she found them on the right , i am slightly confused by this as i thought they would be on separate sides? , i know it maybe a stupid question but i worry about this and would appreciate any information or opinions please also how offten should someone with two cervix get a smear test?

Hi there, I had to google Uterus didelphys to see what it meant.  I am afraid I cannot help, but I highly recommend using 'ask the expert' on the Jo's trust website.  Your question will be ansered by a doctor. Also I would consider ringing the clinic where you had your smear or seeing your GP. Hope that helps.

Its a one in a million condition , so not really well known :/ thanks for the info will go ask jo thanks 



Hi Alana.. I too have uterus didelphus.. I was diagnosed this year.. It was an awful shock but getting used to the idea now! It's frightening and the thoughts of a high risk pregnancy, pre mature baby etc makes me question even trying in the first place. It's such a lonely thing to have as I know no one with this condition.. At my last appointment I asked her to do a smear on both sides.. It was uncomfortable as it was difficult to biopsy my left cervix but was determined to overcome any discomfort to get the job done.. Unfortunately the left side came back as cin 3.. But the results were mixed up and i have to have it all done again.. So frustrating.. Would love to speak with someone in a similar situation to myself..

Actually.. It's 1 in 3000 women have this diagnosis.. 

I have uterus didelphys too.. I know how you are feeling..