Smear test to colposcopy

So I had a smear test done in August 2015 it come back that there was changes. I was then booked in for colposcopy that I had to cancel in September due to heavy period. Rebooked for October and again had to cancel due to heavy perio. Rebooked again for 22nd december (third time lucky) when going in for my colposcopy at Orpington hospital the staff was lovely and done their best to make me feel relaxed. I was talked through everything and then asked to strip from the weist down. I was nervous as some one told me it hurts (but it doesn’t) she then inserted the clamp followed by the camera. It felt uncomfortable but didn’t hurt one bit. She then sprayed some solution and said it may sting but it didn’t really. She then explained the different colours on the screen for the cells. The White cells are the change. She then took a biopsy by telling me to cough and I felts a tiny pinch again this didn’t hurt. She turnt the screen away for that part. She explained I may get period like cramping and I did but not to bad. I was told I will get a letter with my results between 4-6 weeks. It was 4 weeks yesterday and I still hasn’t heard anything so I decided to give the hospital a call. I was told the letter should reach me with in the next week and she couldn’t tell me anything over the phone other than the “plan” and the plan is I will have to go back in 12 months. So I’m assuming this is good news? The waiting time for results are very long but it seems in a lot of cases are quicker if there is a problem.