Smear test revealed severe dyskaryosis

So I turn 25 on the 19th of Feb and booked a smear test as soon as I could. I got a call from my doctor and a letter sent saying it’s severe dyskaryosis, and now I am absolutely petifried. I feel even more terrified that I won’t be able to have children in the future.

Did anyone experience fertility problems after? Did anyone freeze eggs? I’m just in panic mode now so any advice would be highly appreciated.

Hi, i turned 25 in january and got the same results. I was booked into hospital the next day and i had the cells removed. I am waiting for the results to come back in the next couple weeks. I already have 2 children but they said having children after is still fine the only risk is having them a little early. My friend had the exact same results and had the cells removed and got pregnant a month later. I am the same about being in panic mode, my results also said i had hpv which bothers me too. Hope this helps a little. 


Sorry I can't be helpful Frownas I am also looking for answers. I've got my results 2 days ago-severe dyskaryosis, so waiting for my colposcopy. It says nothing about the HPV. Is it because it's negative or it's because they haven't tested for HPV? Does anyone have an idea? When I called for appointment with my GP, I have been told I should wait for the colposcopy as the GP is not an expert :(

I am so worried. Always had clear results...


Thanks girls