Smear test results

So I had my first smear test over 9days ago now, the nurse told me to wait two weeks but I have a couple of friends who had their results back within one week. It’s been 9days now and I have had nothing, I rang the doctors and they also haven’t had anything back either. I’m starting to worry that the reason it’s taking so long is that they are testing it for HPV reguarding it coming back abnormal, as my friends had a normal result back within one week! I’m ever so worried I have health anxiety so this is a horrible waiting game! When did you have your results back?? X


i would try not to worry as much as every single smear I have had has took at least 3 weeks to come back. Majority of mines came back saying I had "changes" but even the normal one I had it took 3 weeks to come back. Try not to worry :-) x