Smear test results

Hi, I received my smear test results this morning and my results were severe dyskaryosis and HPV.  I was quite surprised on first opening the letter as I’d gotten used to my results being normal.  I live away from my family and my husband is away at the moment so I was feeling a bit scared and alone so I went on to the internet so find some more information.  I was careful with the pages I looked at as sometimes there’s too much information on-line!  Luckily I found this website and I already feel so much better reading through everybody’s experiences.  Am I right in thinking that the colposcopy is used to confirm the level of cin and to see if further treatment is needed or if I just need to be monitored?  I must admit that although I had my girls get the HVP vaccine I don’t know an awful lot about it and I’m still feeling a bit confused.  It’s great that there are places like this where you can come to for help and support. Thanks for taking the time to read. 


It’s not nice to get that letter is it? Jo’s is a great place to get more info. On the menu drop down box there is a section marked ‘cervical cancer and abnormalities’ which will lead you to a page where it explained what the abnormalities mean and what happens at colposcopy.
During the colposcopy they’ll put a vinegar solution on your cervix which will turn white on contact with any abnormality. If it’s only a small area they’ll do a punch biospy and send that off for testing and do your smears a bit more regularly.
If the abnormality is bigger / more severe, then they will do a Lletz treatment, which effectively cuts out the abnormality ( sometimes they may decide to do this under General anaesthetic). i’ve had both procedures in the past under local anaesthetic and while I’d have much rather been some where else, they weren’t too bad just a little uncomfortable.

Hope that helps a little, Jade x

Thanks for replying, no it wasn't very nice, I spent the day alternating between feeling really worried and chiding myself for over-reacting.  I received my appointment for my colposcopy today and it's for the 2nd of March, I feel so much better knowing I won't have to wait that long.  I usually work on a Monday evening, will I feel able to go to work or do you think I should book it off.  Also can anyone out there advise me on what to tell my teenage daughters (ages 14 and 17), I don't want to worry them but they can usually tell when I'm not myself.  I can't decide whether to talk about it to them or not, because if nothing else it really shows just how important getting regular smear tests is. Thanks. x

Not too long to wait then, do you have a friend who could come with you and wait in the waiting room?
I think it’s different for everyone on how they feel after depending on what they have done. In my experience, I had stabbing pains in my cervix after the punch biopsies so had the rest of the afternoon off work. After the Lletz I felt quite drained, not in any pain at all but definitely not able to work. You’ll need to take it easy for a week or so after a Lletz to make sure you heal.

With your daughters, I’d probably just go along the lines of you are going to have a more in depth smear with a gynae at the hospital as your original smear showed up some changes. Xx


Ditto what pegasus says. Take the day off for definite. It is a pretty straightforward thing to have a colposcopy, but it can be pretty emotional having an examination, and they may offer you treatment there and then. After mine (had exam and treatment in one hit) I just wanted to go home and stay under a blanket for a day or so, coming up for only air and chocolate.

I have a 9 year old girl, initially I made up something about an appointment I had to go to on that day (it is most unusual for them to be left with a sitter and I really wanted my husband with me). Once I had the all clear I gave her an abridged version of events as I think it is really important that everyone (not just girls!) understands the importance of the vaccine and regular smears.

Good luck with your appointment