Smear test results

Hi ladies,

This is my first post i have only joined today.  I recieved my letter advising that my sample "was tested for high risk HPV) but no changes to cells.

This letter has totally threw me today, im anxious, scared and just want another screening ASAP hoping its went away by its own.  I also feel horrible about myself :( I feel dirty too!  

Trying so hard not to let it get me down, i only recieved the letter this morning so i suppose its only natural to be upset.

I have 0 symptoms, just goes to show that its so important to get these screening tests.

Love and hugs to you all x



I received the same letter yesterday I was shocked about the hpv postive as well and we have to wait a year for a re test I had some spotting this year and last year but I also have the inplant in but it's good no cell change and they will keep and eye on any change by screening more regularly I also been reading up a lot and Stacey Solomon also has hvp I wateched a clip on you tube with her and it made me feel a lil better if you ever need to chat feel free xx