smear test results

Hi, I had a smear test a two weeks ago after which I started bleeding quite heavy. The nurse told me this was normal and not to worry. Ive been experiancing increased urination, and irregular periods, but thought it might be the menopose, ive also been having pain around the hip area which my gp told me was prob just aches and pains from growing older and i had to put up with, wasnt impressed with that to be honest as im 47 not young i admit but certainly didnt think i was ready to be written off just yet ! The results of the smear came back today which state there have been some slightly abnormal cells found and also that ive tested positive for hpv. I didnt know what this was so i googled it to find it is transmitted sexually. I was horrified, does this mean that I have a sexually transmitted diesase, I am so worried about telling my partner im worried he will think ive been sleeping around, which i certainly havent, i feel so embrassed and ashamed ! the letter also advises that i have been refered for a colposcopy. Should I now be concerned, are these things ive been experiancing symptoms and could i infect my partner. im frantic with worry