Smear test results - should I be worried?

Hi I have just received my smear test results. 

They state that I have “slightly abormal cells" (borderline changes) but also said that no HPV infection was detected. 

Even though the letter stated that they would see me for my routine check up again in 3 years I can’t help but worry after seeing “abnormal cells”. What are the other reasons for having abnormal cells if no hpv was detected? 



Hiii I got my first abnormal pap smear this year and I am/ was so worried. All my 4-5 pap's were normal. Mine showed LGSIL... Today I had my clopo and I was so scared but luckily I didn't feel much she took a biopsy and now I am waiting on the results. I am so scared. But I would follow with my MD and get more information on this. Good luck!


Hi Jess

I had this in 2013. Naturally I was straight on the phone to my doctor - how can something be abnormal and you don't want to check it for another THREE years 

She said that low grade changes can be caused by an infection such as yeast, vaginosis, different brand of condom, mild bruising or a heap of other trivial causes and without HPV it is no more or less likely to progress in three years than if there were no abnormal cells.

My smear 3 years later was  normal.

Personally I think I would approach gp for a sooner appointment or failing that I would pay privetly for a smear! No price on peace of mind x