Smear test results ( advice please )

Good afternoon , Hope everyone is well :slight_smile: I am 30 years old and only last year got my first smear ( terrible I know due to sexual trauma I found it difficult to go ) anyway last year my results were positive for hpv and cell changes. They sent me to colposcopy and said to come back in a year. Fast forward to a year GP done my smear and results again said they found a high risk HPV and more changes and to come back in another year in hope it have been cleared. The doctor at the clinic last year said if it hadn’t cleared then I’d be back at the clinic so my question is it hasn’t cleared possibly got worse as letter says more changes so shouldn’t I be back up? I was going to contact my GP and ask and say they had said this on last years etc. I also suffer constant dishcharge bleeding between periods after sex , flank and abdo pain they know all this. They also found late last year a few nabothian cysts on my cervix don’t know if that means anything. Any advice would be great or just a handhold.

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Hi Lilbear

Managment of HPV/cervical abnormalities depends on various criteria; the following flow charts might help but still worth checking with your GP because of what you were told:

Regarding your ongoing symptoms; if it were me I would want to understand what was causing them - maybe consider getting a second opinion. I don’t know anything about Nabothian cysts.

Hope all goes well for you.


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