Smear test result was wrong

Hi there,
I have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer, after months of abnormal bleeding which the Dr. Put down to the fact I had the coil. I had a smear test in June this year which I was told was normal at the time, it now appears the result of my smear was wrong!! I have had ct, Mir and Pet Scan yesterday, haven’t had the results of this yet. The Dr. Has said they think I’m stage 2b but this will be confirmed with the pet result. It’s been difficult but am remaining positive. I’m due to start radio therapy and chemo in early Jan but no dates confirmed yet. Just wondered if there is anyone in a similar situation just now ? Claire x

I’m not in the same suituation but do have cervical cancer and having a radacle hystermectomy this fri. Your doing right by staying posative but do let yourself have some time for a good cry if you need it, think we all do at times. Do use this site though for support and to keep us all up to date as we all love keeping in contact on here to support each other
Big hug xx

Hi Monster

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It is comforting to speak to someone else who can understand how I'm feeling. My family and friends are a huge support, but being diagnosed can make you feel quite alone at times. Good luck to you for Friday, I really hope everything goes well for you. Take care xx

Hi Claire,

I am so, so sorry to read this. Well done for remaining positive, a positive attitude will help you along the way. This is a great place to be when friends and family don't quite understand how it feels to be you right now. I'm quite sure you want to connect with women who are about to undergo the same treatment at the same time as you. Just to let you know I was a 2b four years ago and am now as well as anything!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli, 

That brought tears to my eyes to now you were the same stage and you are know doing so well!!! That's amazing. Being able to speak to others who understand is a huge help. 

What was treatment if you don't mind me asking ? Did you have Lymph Node involvement?  They have said I have a couple of enlarged Lymph nodes and am waiting to speak to my consultant tomorrow about result of pet scan and treatment. it is the waiting before starting treatment that is soo hard. I also feel like I'm only getting very small amounts of information from the dr's Each time I speak to someone. I suppose they want to wait until all my scans are done. 


Hi Claire :-)

I'm in Greece where things seem to be done a little differently. You can read the full story (if you are so inclined) by clicking on my name just above the toad's hat which will lead you to 'My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy'

I did not have lymph node involvement but the nodes removed for testing varied in size between 0.2 and 2.3cm so I guess that must mean that some were enlarged. I had a radical hysterectomy including removal of ovaries and 17 lymph nodes. And then, as a belt-and-braces procedure, I went on to have 5 Cisplatin, 25 radiotherapy and 2 brachytherapy. If you can get away without the surgery so much the better :-)

Be lucky :-)

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I have been reading lots of posts on here recently as I have a few symptoms of cc. I hope you don't mind me asking but how has it now been discovered that you have cc? If your smear was normal did you ask for more tests? I only ask because I had a normal smear in Feb but high risk hpv still present. But I have been having irregular bleeding, pain and bleeding during and after sex, smelly discharge and very smelly blood (sorry) and pelvic and back pain. I have asked to have another smear and have convinced myself that it will show cc. How long did you have symptoms for?

I hope everything goes well for you xx