Smear test result - HPV positive and moderate

Hello, I am 38 and had an HPV positive smear in May 2022 despite it being negative in May 2019, and not having been active in that time! Anyway, fast forward to today, my previous result showed no negative cells, but the latest, and I bled at the smear for the first time, showed that I have some high grade cells, classed as moderate, I now have a colposcopy on Monday, just wondering if any has experienced anything similar? The letter says it’s ‘unlikely’ I have cancer which has worried me a bit, does anyone know how likely it would be that I did? Also does the fact I bled in the smear for the first time add more weight to that? Any help would be appreciated.

Hello. It is highly unlikely you have cancer they put unlikely as they will only be able to confirm with a colposcopy and biopsy. But high grade moderate usually relates to CIN 2/3 which aren’t cancer but they’ll be able to tell you more after colposcopy.

Bleeding after after your smear is quite common as it’s a sensitive area not automatically a sign of cancer especially if you have no other symptoms.

Good luck I hope everything goes ok for you x

Hello, thanks for coming back to me, the bleeding did throw me because it has never happened before! Will you keep you posted x

I started to bleed a bit when i had my smear around the age of 40. I didn’t realise it at the time but it was the start of peri-meno. I think things just get a bit less elastic down there!

That’s interesting glad to know I am not alone! To make things more stressful, I’ve not found a round mole down there the GP says it looks ok but has given me a private referral should I want one, all very stressful