Smear test post treatment

I am getting conflicting advice, do I still need to attend regular smear tests? I finished radio, chemo and brachy last August. My GP says I do but my nurse thinks not. Many thanks in advance xxx

Hello there.  

I'm not an expert but I'd say your GP is correct, in that,  if you still have a cervix - then you need to have smears done.   In my case, radical hysterectomy, where there is no longer a cervix, so I no longer require smear tests.  However I'd heard of a 'vault' smear which I guess is a smear taken fom whatever is left of the vagina and I asked the Oncologist about that and again she said I wouldn't need that either.

For your own peace of mind, best to discuss it further with the GP or on your next check-up with the Oncologist, ask them.


Hi, I had the same treatment as you and my GP asked me to ask my oncologist if I still needed smears as she was unsure! My onc said no smears due to radiation damage as results would be inconclusive. Oncologist wrote to my GP telling her to remove me from the smear register.

Sue x 

Thank you Sharon and Sue, I am seeing my oncologist in a few weeks so will ask him then.

I hope you are both doing well, thank you once again for your advise.

Mandy xxx

Hi Livelifelove

I had radical hysterectomy in Jan this year for stage 1b1 cervical cancer, 2 operations were the only treatment i needed, i had a call from my doctors surgery nnot long ago saying i should still have vault smears, spoke to oncology though & they said i don't need them, i've been removed from the smear test records too, i would aske oncology


Mandy xx

Hi Mandy, 

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I have a 3 month check coming up soon so will double check with my oncologist. I hope you have recovered well from you operations earlier in the year.

Very best wishes

Mandy xxx


Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all doing well.


I had my appointment with my oncologist on Monday and he said the smear test would come back inconclusive due to radiation damage and this would cause unnecessary stress.


I had the normal checks and am relieved and delighted to report no signs of cancer :)


Mandy xx