Smear test no cervix

We’ll update so far for me

Had my Second lletz in august this year results were cin3 clear but have got some cin1 it’s wait and see and to have test of cure in 6 months
In November Got sent letter to book smear test as was having some bleeding after sex and sciatica down my left leg so went doctors about it so got to book my appointment.
Monday 6 December went to have my smear test at my doctors by the nurse she couldn’t see my cervix saying my virginal wall is hanging down hiding my cervix ask me to cough sit on my fist to raise my bottom up lol.
I said that maybe having 2 lletz on my cervix there might not be any cervix left as they took big pieces
she wasn’t able to take a swab even call another nurse to have a try to take the smear .
So on Monday I have to see my doctor to see if she can find my cervix to take the smear test I was very upset that they couldn’t do the test .if they cannot find my cervix what will happen next and why has my Virgina wall dropped down covering my cervix
Has anyone ever had that happen when they had 2 lletz on there cervix too.

You won’t have ‘lost’ your cervix through two LLETZ procedures, which take of a tiny amount of tissue each time. You may have a partial prolapse, which is making it hard to actually locate your cervix. This sounds much more likely. I hope your appointment goes well on Monday and you’re able to get the test you need!

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