Smear test missed my cancer - anyone else?

Hi Ladies

I have recently had a radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal and I thank god every day that I was even eligible for this procedure.  I was told afterwards that I had been just on the upper cusp of eligibility, otherwise it would have been a hysterectomy.  
I was diagnosed at the start of dec 2012 and my previous smear less than 16 months before my diagnosis was normal.  I had been bleeding between periods and my periods were lasting longer than usual, also bleeding after sex. 
At the time I convinced myself it was down to stress as I was in the run up to my wedding.  When I mentioned it to my GP she agreed.  It continued after my honeymoon so I went back to the GP.  She said it was nothing to worry about.
I had a gut feeling something was wrong, I was persistent so she did another smear and referred me to a gynae consultant. I waited for an appointment but eventually booked a private consultation as I was so worried and knew something was really wrong.  
Turns out I had a 3cm tumour on my cervix.  
The smear which was taken on the tumour the day I went to my GP came back as 'borderline changes'. And that was on actual cancer tissue.  
Anyone else had a similar experience?