Smear test letter and colposcopy apt


I had a smear on the 28th sept, a 12 monthly one as I had positive hpv last year.

Anyway the nurse said it would take 6 weeks as there was a backlog. 1 week later the gp rang me to say there were cells that were concerning and I would get a call from colposcopy.

This has happened and the apt is this Friday but the letter has arrived in the meantime and says I have positive hpv again with abnormal changes that need treating. Shouldnt it say just investigated? Does it mean something more?

Thanks in advance


Hi Rachel

My abnormal smear letter just said “severe dyskaryosis requiring colposcopy”. When I spoke to the consultant she said that this result after means there are severe changes in the cells (precancerous) which will require treatment on the day of colposcopy. 

I suspect the changes they have seen from the smear will need some sort of treatment. Try not to overthink it....I know this is very difficult though