Smear test investigation

Hi Ladies,

I was diagnosed with stage 3C cervical cancer last January age 27, and now a year later am so grateful to be in remission and cancer free.

All my previous smear tests were up to date and never came back with any abnormal changes, so I was very shocked when my most recent smear test had detected high grade HPV, which was later diagnosed as cancer after a colposcopy and biopsy.

I could never get my head round how things had progressed from ‘normal’ to high grade HPV in only a few short years, and I know it might just be one of those things I might never get an answer to but I’m looking to see if anyone on this forum has ever had their previous smear test results investigated, or how you would even go about it?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks x

Hi @Ndx .

My smears were also all normal. I was diagnosed in December and had hysterectomy almost 2 weeks ago. There was lvsi in initial biopsy so just waiting to get results from hysterectomy. I am in Ireland and i want my last smear audited. Here, this needs to be requested by your GP or Consultant. I will be going down this route. X

Hi Sarah,

I hope you’re okay and recovering well after your hysterectomy!

I think it totally adds to the confusion and frustration when your previous smear tests have been absolutely fine, especially now a lot of campaigns say cervical cancer will be eliminated in the UK as I’m sure there are also many other women who have gone straight from normal smear test results, straight to a cancer diagnosis!

I hope you manage to get some answers from your gp or consultant :crossed_fingers:t4: x

Hi, I don’t have any advice but I’m so glad you’re in remission and hope you are recovering well after the hysterectomy!

May I just ask, how long after having the biopsy did you get your results? :slight_smile: