smear test history, do I go back and ask for another?


I am nearly 27 years old and have a history of smear tests.

Before I turned 25 I was asking the doctor to have a smear as I 'didn't feel right' but was refused due to being under the usual age of testing. On my 25th birthday I rang up first thing and made an appointment. The reults were CIN 2 with high risk HPV so I went throught the process of a colposcopy. On the follow up smear I was told there were no abnormalities  and they would call me back in 3 years (they had just changed the call back from 1 to 3 years at the time). However a while later  (about 6 months)I again didn't feel right, so I paid to go private. The results of this was borderline changes and hpv again altgough I hadn't had intercourse between these times. I called and asked about this and they told me that the hpv can come and go. I was told to wait and they would call back in a year (will be January 2015).

I am now at the point where I don’t feel right again, I am tired all the time, feel cold all the time and I have a slight discharge. 

Do you think I should just go ahead and get another smear now? Or should I wait? 

I am sorry if I am coming across as bit of a drama queen, I just don't feel I can trust the NHS (with the private care i was referred straight back to the NHS automatically even though i can go back if i like) with this at the moment due to them not listening to me in the first place and the change of call back etc etc. Please tell me if I am being stupid.


Thank you :)

Hi there,

Although generally people don't usually experience symptoms with cell changes/CIN, the fact you've had another abnormal result privately with high risk HPV after tretament means you should be sent back to colpscopy under this new HPV triage that they are doing. So yes, I'd go back to your surgery and ask for another smear, or even just a referral back to colposcopy.

I totally understand your worries about the NHS. The screening service haven't registered that I've had treatment twice now. I don't trust them at all, so have become clued up about what should happen and when and I seem to know more than the screening service, which is a worry. 

Here's a link to the NHS cervical screening website The 'test of cure' flowchart may be helpful as it shows that you should go back to colposcopy after another result with high risk HPV and may be helpful to take to your GP.

Good luck - and no, your not being a drama queen, it's important to be checked and looked after properly. Take care x