smear test help

Hello my name is emily and I'm 24 a few weeks ago I was asked to attend a smear test I missed my first appointment due to worry but thought I should go for another so I did...I bled quite bad during my smear and over the last few months my body hasn't been the same. I had the implant for 2 years but bled everyday for those 2 years so the nurse said to go on the injection  which I did and up until recently I hadn't bled once but a few weeks back I had a one of bleed and nothing since I started suffering from terrible back and leg pain and also a reddish urine the doctor said a kidney infection which I had never had following that I started getting cystitis eventually the infections went away and I was feeling fine again then the back pain and leg pain started I also suffer from neuralgia then I was offered a smear since the pain has subsided a bit but I'm constantly getting a brown discharge and stabbing pains in my groin area I'm sure my smear will come back as nothing is wrong because I'm trying to be positive has anyone else experienced anything like this? And should I be concerned because I feel like my doctor has looked at my recent history and that's why I've been offered the smear almost a year early?

Hi Emily,

It's clear that you're experiencing a lot of anxiety at the moment due to being called for your smear and some other symptoms, and I undertsand how overwhelming those feelings can be. Try not to panic (easier said than done sometimes, I appreciate that). The screening service will automatically call women as they approach the current screening age, this may be before or after you've turned 25, and it is automatic, not linked to what you're going through. Once they start sending invitations, they will also send reminders if a lady doesn't attend - again, this is automatic and not linked to medcial history.

I'm sorry you had that bad experience first time you tried to have a smear. It would be sensible to make another appointment to try again, as you've now receievd your invitation to go for screening. 

There can be lots of reason for pain, bleeding, back pain etc, and most of these causes will not be anything serious. Contraception methods behave differently for different people, ie some cause more bleeding, some less. Maybe it's a good idea to go and have a chat with your GP? They can review your contraception if necessary, examine you and take it from there. Speaking to a health professional about worries is always going to be better than worrying, googleing etc - that's what they are there for.

Take care and all the best to you.