smear test/colposcopy

hello! i had to go get my cervix looked at friday because of really irregular bleeding and bleeding after sex. She couldn’t give me a pap smear as im only 20 and they wouldn’t accept it?
The doctor said the my cervix looks fine but has referred me to get a colposcopy my question is can she lie to me about my cervix being ok? did she jus say that so i didn’t worry till my next appointment or am i overthinking things?
what can i expect for a colposcopy?
if there are no abnormal cells what would the next step be to finding out what’s wrong with me?

Hello no doctors are definitely not allowed to lie she definitely wasn’t lying when she said it looked ok for her.
In colposcopy the doctor will be able to take a much closer look to your cervix and will get a better diagnosis that way. If they find abnormalities they could do a byopsy to get the cells to the lab to find out if there is anything wrong with them, or if the doctor believes is definitely CIN2 or CIN3 could ask you if you want the Lletz done that day. Is ok to say no and come back for another appointment to get it done absolutely upto you.
Please try not to worry and go to worst case scenarios is such a waste of time. Stay positive .take care let me know how you get on and ask any questions if you need to.

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