Smear test, Cervical ectropion and getting alittle anxious

Hi all


I don't normally post in forums and such but feeling anxious so here goes....

So I was due for my routine smear test earlier this year in January. No excuse but with returning back to work after maternity leave I've found it difficult to book in and get it done. Going back to work full time has been stressful esp with school and nursery runs etc but also as my team leader never made it easy for me when requesting late or early finishes. Anyway he left not long ago and so booked my test in for next monday.

Since booking the appointment a friend has uploaded a picture of her first chemo for CC on social media. She's younger than me and her son has just turned 1. She's stage 4 and didnt even know till recently. Of course this is probably rare but it has played on my mind alittle.

Anyway I was having a little bleeding after sex so I booked in with the doc last Monday. She examined me and said she knew the cause. Apparently I have cervical ectropion. She sounded very sure and recommended I did the smear test their and then. When she did the test she said I bleed a fair bit. I didn't notice and didnt think much into it. She just told me to book an appointment to go back and see her in two weeks to sort out the next steps for this cervical ectropion.

It's been over a week and no results yet and I've has time to think over it. So I guess I'm wondering if the doctor can tell by looking that it is defo a cervical ectropion or could it be something else. Am I panicing over nothing. I've mentioned to a couple of girls I speak to (I dont have many friends) They've all said to me its fine. that results will be fine and at the most it will just require burning off. Should I not be worried at all.

What are your views and experiences?

Hi I'm just wondering how your results came back? Good I hope.

I went for my 3rd smear today and doctor said i have cervical ectropion also. They never said this before. She said could be caused my infection or contraceptive pill but now I'm so worried it's something else. Would just like a bit of reassurance really xxx