Smear test came out abnormal first time to normal cells, but they want to check in 6 months?

Hi everyone,

Im new to this site and I just need some clarification. About a year ago I had my first smear test, to be honest I was very stressed out about it. I had been sexually premiscous before but I have stopped and refrained from any sexual relationship for over two years now. My result came back abnormal and I know HPV stays for two years then hopefully they clear up. I panicked when I found out about my result. I had my second test last month and just got my result back today and it came out normal (God is good). But on the letter it said that it is advisable to have a check up in six months time, the last time I spoke to the nurse she told me if it comes out normal my next would be in three years. I don't get why they are keeping an eye out on me although my result came out normal. My boyfriend had studied this in Uni and has a degree on Biomedical science so he studied how they determine whether someone is at risk or not and he told me that the NHS have to be completely honest about these things. But I cant seem to link why i need to be checked again? If they said I'm normal but found something else for another check then I would be more calm. But they haven't, has anyone else had this? I am sorry if I'm making a big deal out of a small thing, but thank you for your replies!

Not to scare you at all but they test again because smear tests arent 100% reliable at detected abnormal cells.  They often want something like 3 clear smears before discharging you back to normal tesing. Thats because the chance of getting 3 false negative results is really really low. 

I dont want you to think that this means you have abnormal cells now because its most likely that its reliable smear, especially since methods have improved.

I know its a pain having to keep go,  I had smears every 6 months (although they ended up being something like every 10 months with work and periods getting in the way) for about 4 years until I had three clear smears.  I only just got discharged and then found some kind of lump on my cervix so back to having GP examine it, the gynae examin it, then colposcopy, then possible treatment depending on the results.  Sick of speculums.  I'm sure its worse for lots of other women though so shouldnt complain.