Smear test audit

hi all 


I rang my GP today requesting a smear test audit , the receptionist said no problem I'll print out all of your results you've had .

im sure it's not that simple !! Is it ?? I think there is a little confusion here 

should I be asking my consultant for this at my next appointment or can my GP really arrange this.  

My GP surgery did say what do you mean when I asked so I'm not sure we're on the same page here.


i am in the uk .  Does anybody have any advice on formally requesting a smear test audit , do I need to be doing / saying anything else ? 

Hope you can help 

Thanks very much 


Dec 2013 - 1b1 Adenocarcinoma , radical hysterectomy .  Ovarys left in .

July 2015 - CC recurrence to left ovary. Surgery to remove left ovary followed by chemo & radiotherapy .

Nov 2015 - no evidence of disease 

Recent  MRI March 17 shows no evidence disease , telephone call from nurse who advised some radiation damage to bowel and bone marrow was mentioned but will get more info at my next appointment in June .

Hi Greeni,

I smiled when I read what your GP receptionist said about a smear audit! Yes it is a bit more involved than that! When I was diagnosed in 2014, my consultant said that a smear audit would automatically be done as my previous smears had been ok, so they wanted to know if there had been false negatives in the past. I understand that all smear samples are kept for many years, so they can be retested for errors. The process can take several months, and I had to chase the results! but eventually received a lengthy report detailing the results. I don't know whether your GP can ask for this, but it is certainly worth discussing with your consultant or another member of the team at your next visit. Good luck with following this through Greeni.

I was given mine automatically....the colposcopy team at my hospital phoned me last summer and explained what it was and asked if I wanted to know the results or not ( a strangely tricky decision!) They also said that if I didn't want to know but then changed my mind then to let them know and that would be fine. I hadn't even heard of it before they called me. I got the results in November, so it takes a few months. All your previous slides are looked at again and two independent people check the results.

It was the hospital that did mine; nothing to do with GP, so I would go with what Rachel had suggested and speak to someone at your next appointment.

Good luck!

Hi! I've been told by my consultant that as I'm part of the cervical screening programme they will automatically look back over all my previous smears to check them again and a report will be be put together, she asked if I would like a copy of the report to which I have said yes, I think it takes several months in total, but I want to know everything I possibly can about what's happened to me! As my form of CC is the rarer kind and is trickier to spot in screening I don't think the report will show anything up, but I need to know either way! My doc has told me not to over analyise things and to put it down to bad luck but I cant help wondering! I would definitely ask consultant at your next appointment as it is something they offer! ☺

Hi, I've just had a consultation abput my previous smear results as I had a microscopic cancer detected in December and my smears were automatically re- checked.

It turns out that they miss- diagnosed severe high grade cell changes on 3 separate occasions - in 2008, 2010 and 2011. All 3 smears came back to me as nprl/clear but upon re-checking they should have been revolted as high grade cell changes and should have needed further intervention at colposcopy clinic. Strangely, my 2010 smear came back normal and was judged normal when re-checked.

I'm now worried that my cc diagnosis might be wrong- I was diagnosed with 1a1 (so very early, small and treatable) but no scans or treatment except loop procedure was offered or needed. 

The consultant today said I could have a hysterectomy if I wanted - I asked if I needed it one and he said no!! 

I'm not sure how I feel about it all to be honest. Has this happened to anyone else?? What did you do?? 

Thank you x