Smear Test Age Petition

Hi Ladies,

I hope that nobody minds me posting this and sorry if anybody else has already posted regarding this but I had a look and couldn't find anything. As many of you will have seen in the news today a beautiful 19 year old girl lost her battle with cervical cancer yesterday morning. I didn't know this girl personally but I have come across a petition that her friends and family have started to try and reduce the age of cervical screening.

If anyone would like to sign this petition please find the link below:-

The one thing I have been shocked by on this forum is the amount of under 25's that have abnormalities or have been diagnosed. Something NEEDS to be done!

This petition has had 10,000 signatures in the last hour alone. 

Thank you xx

Hello Fiona.  Yes I saw this too, so sad - and unavoidable.  I too believe that once girls become sexually active they should be given a smear test.  

As we all know,  the HP Virus which causes Cervical Cancer, is transmitted sexually, therefore in my opinion it makes sense to start screening girls/women at a much younger age than 25 as some are sexually active much younger than this.

I'm not sure what the medical argument is for not screening earlier - maybe someone with a medical background will come on here and enlighten us?

I've signed the petition.



Hi Girls,

I've just been reading this sad story online. It's such a shame because all of this could be prevented. When I first went to see my Gp about abnormal bleeding between periods, she seemed concerned & even though I am only 23 she performed a smear which was later refused by the lab who tested them. However I'm thankful the Gynacolagist I was under with at the time re gave me a smear and made sure it was accepted. Low and behold I found out I have CC 1B1! I just think now if I hadn't had followed any of it through where would I have been the time I was 25! Girls should be able to request a smear at any age, as we all know our own body & whether it is telling us that something just isn't right. 
It's heartbreaking to read all of these stories about refused tests, that girl & many of other ladies are the centre of somebody's world and she's now been taken away from the people who cherish her! Money should be no object! 
I've signed this petition I hope many others do to! I have a one year old daughter whom I wish will never have this horrid nightmare on her shoulder as it is the most darkest place to ever be. 
All my love Sophia xxxx

Hi all,

the reason they refuse to do anything to lower the age is because they said it does more harm than good as under the age of 25 your body is still changing hormonally and also because on average the under 25 category only accounts for 2.5% of the amount of women diagnosed every year. To me this is still unacceptable. I was diagnosed at 24 and I would of liked a chance to have kept my fertility and not to have had to go through chemo/ radio all because I am to young to have a simple test! 2.5% is still to many in my eyes and even then it's a nightmare to get a doctor to take you seriously, I dread to think what would of happened if I hadn't of persevered and just waited til I was old enough for a smear test.


Laura xx

Thank you everyone. 

I've read in some places (and I have no idea if this is true at all) that because we can still change hormonally up to the age of 25 abnormalities could show on a smear, even if there aren't really abnormalities. I'm probably completely wrong and picked up wrong information from somewhere but surely the difference would be picked up a colposcopy/biopsy and i'd rather go through that and find out it was nothing early on than be ignored and brushed off like some of you brave ladies have been.

You all are a real inspiration and I just hope that someday this petition, or others like it will make a difference xx

I would just also like to say the petition has risen by almost 20,000 signatures in a little over 2 hours :)