Smear Test Again

My smear test last year was positive for HPV with abnormal cells so I had a colposcopy done which showed CIN1. I’ve got my yearly smear on Monday & am really anxious about the results, last year was awful with the waiting times (3mths for smear test results, 3wks for colposcopy and then another lengthy wait for those results).

Fingers crossed everything is okay & I’m not waiting around forever like last time for results!

Just to update on this for anyone waiting for results. Just had my yearly smear test done & the nurse said the waiting time is up to 11wks currently (I’m in the Ayrshire & Arran area). She also advised that my results would be slightly longer as the sample would be sent to the lab given that I had colposcopy and biopsies last time.

Fingers crossed they come back much earlier than estimated.

Our minds go into over drive whole waiting don’t they xxx

@beckzie28 thanks for your reply. It always seems easier to think the worst no matter how hard you try & stay positive. x

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Definitely hun.

Im in Stoke-on-Trent and was really lucky, I got a notification through my app for an appointment. I thought it was my usual gyne one untill I rang to rearrange, I couldnt believe they put an appointment on for 2 days later without even contacting me lol. They then told me my smear results over the phone, they said they had recieved them from the lab that morning someone had tried to ring… they really hadnt lol. This was just under 2 weeks from my smear appointment. Happened crazy fast, but taking that into account, maybe no news is good news?

I have my fingers crossed you hear back soon, keep us all updated hun Xxx

@beckzie28 I only had my smear test on Monday, I doubt the lab will even have my sample yet knowing the NHS lol & it took them 2-3mths last year to give me abnormal results! I’m trying to think worst case scenario that I’ll need to wait 3mths for results so that I’m not disappointed if they don’t come back quickly. x

Any news yet? Mine were on the nhs app within 3 weeks and I’ve got a colposcopy app for next month x

@Bubbles2013 still no results! I’m on week 9 since my smear test was done - I called my GP practice this morning & they said there are still no results for me. The waiting game is awful and if I need another colposcopy it’ll be even more waiting. :slightly_frowning_face: