Smear test after 7 years



i am such a nervous wreck...I stupidly avoided going through with a smear test for 7 years as delveloped a phobia of internals following a miscarriage in 2010. Ever since then the thought of a doctor or nurse going down there made me physically sick. I nearly went through with a smear test last October, but the nurse refused to do it as I was shaking and crying hysterically. I was given some anti depression tablets for my health and anxiety and was told to come back when calmer. 


Its now now July and I have been experiencing slight lower back pain...and I have spent all night and day looking on google and I have convinced myself that it's already advanced to the point of no return. I have had no bleeding or bleeding after sex...I know it doesn't always mean cancer, but I am clinging on to that one bit of hope.


i have a one year old boy and I am so consumed with fear and worry that I cannot focus on being a good mum. I have booked a smear test for tomorrow privately and will try again, but I already think I know the outcome. 


Have any any of you ladies left it that long without a smear and what were the results. I had a clear smear in 2009.





Try not to stress out too much but obviously that is a lt easier said than done.  I am in a situation where I have all this symptoms and an abnormal smear so back on Tuesday.  Freaking out about it myself so think it is good to have other women to talk to.  I have always suffered with things from polycystic ovaries and abnormal smear tests.  There was one point I went back every 6 months to keep a check an everything resolved itself.

Just keep thinking positive and good luck x