Smear test/abnormal cell


this is all new to me(first time posting) but I just need some advice.

im 28 and back in June I went for my first ever smear test, I just kept ignoring letters from my doctors but it was a pride thing anyway I plucked up the courage to go, I had it done and I got the results which came back positive for cell change and hpv, I went into my clinic and had the biopsy done and the result came back that it was CIN2 grade so then I went in to have the LLETZ treatment. Any way I’m now worried as I have to go back to have another smear test done in a few months and on the letter it says that if hpv is still detected I’d have to go in for more investigations (I know it might come back negative) but there’s a part of me that thinks it’ll come back positive as I’ve had the same sexual partner for the past 10 years and the nurse said that men also carry hpv so I’m worrying that I’ve either still got hpv or I might get it from the other half, so I was just wondering if 1, how long does hpv take to show up on a smear test from having it removed, and 2, if the abnormal cells do come back can you request to be put to sleep to have them removed as I don’t feel particularly great about having to be awake during it again

many thanks


HVP can't be removed, your body will naturally fight it. Some people can have it for years and it never goes some it can go in a few months. Just remember that abnormal is NOT cancer and the fact they have found them and removed them is great. That's what your smear is for, to find and remove before they turn. If you need another LLETZ you can ask for GA but they would only do it if it's really needed otherwise LA. 

Hope this helps x