smear showed high grade dyskaryosis but biopsy showed HPV (changes only) no cin???

Hi i had my first smear at 24 it came back as high grade dyskaryosis i had a biopsy done and the rusults showed HPV (changes only) couldnt find cin now im being told that they are going to do a leep and remove half an inch of my cervix. I dont understand surly they should do more tests if they cant grade the cin???? Truthfully im raelly scared iv done the worse thing and googled it from the start some of it is really confusing but i ended up watching a leep being preformed and its not nice, i just cant see why i would need one if the biopsy dosnt show cin.

Please help!!


Hi, bless you :( to be honest I did the exact same thing and I googled away and I also watched the lletz procedure and I really wish I didn't watch it as im booked in for one on the 27th march :/ my case is a little like yours, abnormal smears yet my biopsy came back "ungradable CIN" I think that because of the conflicting smear to biopsy results they Would prefer to do the lletz more as a precautionary thing. Makes sense to remove the possible abnormal area and ensure that there is no CIN rather than to think u must be ok because of your biopsy showing no CIN. Although the lletz is scary I think it's worth the awkward 4 weeks rather than the obvious. I hope you are ok, try and stick to this site from now on as its all factual and real rather than google's opinions. Wish you good luck xxx chin up xxx

Please try not worry. They will be doing the lletz procedure as a precaution to make sure any abnormal cells are removed. I've had the lletz treatment recently and it's not bad! Obviously it's not a nice experience but it's not painful and the benefits are essential. If you are worried just speak to your doctor/consultant and they should explain fully why they are doing the treatment. I know it's easier said than done but try not to google as it make you worry unnecessarily - if you need to google just make sure you use trusted sites like this one or nhs, McMillan etc. good luck x x   

I did ask why but the sister who preformed the biopsy was really snappy with me and contraindicated her self more then 3 times and done it again with what she had wrote to me saying.... my results are both contradicting each other aswell (witch dosnt help) just feel that more investigation is needed  before leep is done because of the small risks of loosening or tightening of the cervix neither of witch the sister has mentioned. I have booked an appiontment with my gp going to request the test are redone before a leep is preformed and if leep is required them i want it done by someone else not the sister im under..

Not knowing is whats driving me crazy along with the fact the hospital cant seem to answer my questions :)

Hi, I can relate to how you feel.  I had my first smear in November 2012 and it came back showing borderline changes and high risk HPV (16 or 18).  I had a colposcopy in January 2013 and as they were happy with everything, they have said they won't call me back for my next smear for three years.  I understand why they do this (although let's face it, it is always about money) but knowing I have high risk HPV and a weakened immune system (I have been unwell for many years with various debilitating conditions) worries me.  It seems strange to send patients for colposcopy immediately if they show borderline changes and high risk HPV if they are then going to leave them for three years.  Research suggests that most women clear the infection themselves within two years, but that doesn't allay my fears.  

Good luck and keep us updated.

Went to see my gp yesterday she has referred me to a gynecologist after reading through my notes and thee results of my tests my first result was high grade dyskarosis in the letter sent to me but the letter sent to the doctor and the hospital says its moderate dyskarosis so i have a biopsy for further investigation biopsy rusults state hpv changes only no cin thats 3 different diagnosis  iv had and the colposcopy nurse whats to operate and remove half an inch of my cervix. Myy gp cant see why im yet to see a consultant and have only seen a nurse even more so now surgery has been brought to the table but on the plus note my gp was able to tell me its defiantly not cancer. So now the waiting game starts again. Will keep you updated.

Thanks everyone for your support and advice its really help me through this as its been soo confusing xx