smear results that I'm not happy about

really after some advise.
5 years ago I had a colposcopy and Lletz loop due to CIN3. a year later I had a smear and was told all fine and back to 3 year smear.
just had my smear and results have come back saying “no HPV found so classed as a negative result without further testing needed”
am I right not to feel confident about this considering I’ve previously had CIN3? should they not have tested further due to previous CIN being high grade?

If you are HPV negative then you don’t have CIN congratulations on your results .
But if you feel 3 years is too long maybe go private for a test before the 3 years .
Some countries do yearly checks. I believe that would be better, and yearly checks for all ,not just for women that had cell changes.

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