Smear results, surgery needed

Hi all
I’m new here :slight_smile:
I had a smear test 2 weeks ago. My results letter came in the post only yesterday and I had my appointment at the hospital today!
My results were high grade - severe. I missed my last smear test, so hadn’t been for approx 6/7 years. Of course I am kicking myself!! :confused:

Anyway, at the hospital today they put the vinegar and then the brown dye on, and the 2 doctors identified 3 abnormal areas on the cervix. They said I have to go to surgery to have them removed as they couldn’t see the neck of my womb all that clearly.
I am dreading this as have never had a GA before! :open_mouth: They said it will probably be in approx 2 weeks time.

I asked them if they thought it was cancer, she said they look pre cancerous and not cancer, so I’m holding on to that!! Of course the surgery results will give a clear indicator.

It’s so stressful all this waiting. Has anyone here had to have surgery before and then had clear results afterwards? I am so scared but also relieved that they say something can be done. Thank god I went for that smear!!!

Many thanks, Jo xx

Can I ask what symptoms you had. Sorry to hear your going through this worry, I have been unwell for the last 6 month and most of the year, I've been reluctant to have a smear and my last one was 6 years ago and only had the one. Im 31 my sister currently has it and had to have a radical hysterctomy.  I wish you all the best



The best thing you have done is go for a smear test and most importantly to keep all your appointments. I've had several preventative treatments and the surgery is never as bad as you imagine. The worst part is always the waiting and not knowing and always for me the most stressful bit.

Thankfully no cancer for me but persistent cin 3 and hpv and hoping for clear results after my next appointment in March. So still a big worry but I think armed with the right knowledge and great support I am coping much better.

Good luck with your results and hopefully it is thing too bad x