smear results- moderate/severe cell changes


I have recently been referred to colposcopy for moderate changes in cervix. I am really concerned as I am only 22 and I have had no explanation as to what this is for and why it is happening. Please help. Thanks.

Hi, i had a colposcopy back in July for severe changes. They do it to detect pre cancerous cells called cin. It is important to remember that cin is not cancer and can be easily treated, i am having treatment next month to remove mine. The colposcopy itself is like a long smear test, were they examine your cervix for abnormal cells. They may take a biopsie/s of abnormal area’s in the exam, or some clinics will offer to do treatment there and then, i wish mine had, waiting is a really hard part of this especially for results. I’d advise you to take someone with you for support, and take a pad in case they do a biopsie or treatment because the ones there are like bricks. I didn’t find the biopsie too painfull its just like a pinching sensation if you have one. Try not to worry too much, hopefully you’ll know more after the colposcopy.