Smear results letter wording

Hi there newbie here! 

I have recently received my letter that reads “ your recent smear has come back with an abnormal result which requires further testing”. Naturally (stupidly) I’ve googled this so I know exactly what it all means, infact I’ve googled so much I could quite possibly become a self proclaimed gynaecologist!. Anyway, a friend has brought to my attention that my letter should have told me what they thought  it was, I want the colposcopy clinic and spoke to the nurse who told me   I have tested positive for HPV and my cells have slightly changed so they want me in. I’ve had my letter through for the colp which is exactly 11 days time. I’m worried as to why they haven’t told me? I  phoned my GP who aswell told me all they have on their letter is abnormal! 

Obviously panicking to the high heavens above. 

Sorry for the essay

Jody x 



Hiya Jody,

I'm not surprised you're freaking out over the wording, it is annoyingly vague. I have always received a result in terms of "shows X kind of dyskarosis" or something along those lines. The nurse did say they have only slightly changed so that's positive. Perhaps a borderline result? I know if results are borderline and HPV positive you are asked in for a colposcopy. 

Sorry about the unfortunate wording. I think perhaps different trusts word things differently. I hope your colposcopy goes well. Hopefully others will reply with some more useful information soon. Xx

Hi Jodi, I received the exact same letter...And I received a call from the receptionist just telling me when my colopnopsky appointment is...I have no clue to what abnormal cells they saw or nothing...My gynocologists won't tell me any results either until she gets the results of the biopsy. When I asked the gynocologest when I went for the colopnopsky what type of abnormal cells and she said I won't know untit the biopsy test comes in just that it is abnormal. 

Thankyou ladies for taking the time to reply! 

I had an appointment with my GP and he was able to confirm “moderate change in cells”  my appointment is next Wednesday. I think that is normal for a moderate/ severe change. 

Perhaps try ringing your doctor as the cervical screening clinic will have sent more info to them!. From other posts I’ve read on here I think they can possibly give you an indication at the colposcopy so hopefully it is just as basic as it sounds and they really don’t know!

im panicking so much though I’m determined they know and are just not telling me!