Smear results inconclusive/ nightsweats

Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I'm 36 at present and my last 3/4 Smear tests have all come back inconclusive. I'll be honest, I've never really worried about this before however I've been suffering nightsweats for 2 years and bleeding between periods the last few months.


When I originally went to the doctors 2 years ago they tested me for Hodgkins lymphoma but the results confirmed it wasn' that. I'e since been tested for other signs of cancer (blood tests: though these haven' really been explained to me) these have all come back fine. As have the tests for kidney functions, hormones etc. Though I do seem to have increased testosterone.  They can' explain this and don' seem concerned by it.


As well as the nightsweats and bleeding I've lost 2 stone in weight, dropping 2 dress sizes and constantly feel tired and drained. My doctors are now at a loss regarding my symptoms but don't seem concerned about my smear results.  


My mother suffers depressive psychosis and since my gran passed away before Xmas they seemed happy to say I had the same thing and palm me off on a psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist disagrees with this diagnosis and feels although I'm suffering bereavement depression this isn' the cause of my symptoms (bear in mind they began a almost 2 years before her death)


I'e asked about the results and what inconclusive means ( seems to be conflicting information online) but they just shrug and tell me sometimes things can't be explained and not to worry. My great grandmother and her twin both died of a reproductive cancer when my grandmother was a child, she was too young to know the exact details and I myself have friends who have had cancerous cells removed so while I'd love to live in the bubble "it won't happen to me" I know it can happen to anyone. 


Can anyone give any advice regarding inconclusive results and where/ how I get a second opinion? How many results should come back inconclusive before your referred for further tests? Am I worrying about nothing?  The lack of compassion and support provided by my doctor isn't helping to ease my worry. They seem to just dismiss my fears with no explanation why.