Smear results cancerous or not?

I need advice ladies please and I know your not medical trained but hoping someone can tell me. I went to the cancer exclusion clinic this morning which I left none the wiser. He had a look but wasn’t sure if it was or wasn’t cancer, or if it was from where I had letz 23 years ago… I told him it definatley feels lumpier now than earlier years, so he told me to wait for my smear result and take it from there. My smear result has just come in online and states the following. If any one has had this can you tell me what it means please. I’m suspected it is cancerous. No call yet from gp…

Cervical smear borderline change in squamous cells

Cervical smear hpv positive

Cervical smear transformation zone cells present

Thanks ladies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This isn’t cancer. You have an HPV infection which has led to borderline changes in the cells, basically a bit of inflammation from the virus. You will need monitoring that’s all, just to make sure the borderline changes revert to normal and don’t progress over time to precancerous changes. The transformation bit just shows the correct place was sampled. It’s all good!

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Aw thankyou for that response. Thats made it sound better than i was thinking. Just going to go with evrything i have to and take it from there. Hopefully have colposcopy next week. Im hoping to talk to them about having hysterectomy. With my previous, and im 43 no more kids (youngest is 4! Eldest 24 and then 22 from previous) perimenopausal to, id rather have it taken. Do you think i could put this possibility to them? Thankyou :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: