Smear result waiting time

I had a smear 30 November 2021 and was told by the practise nurse that the results would be a couple of weeks .I rang the practise today some 6 weeks later to say I had not received any results and was informed that it would be 16 weeks for the results .Is this now the norm or is it my local screening service which i was told comes under the Manchester Cervical screening .
Any clues who to complain to and is there any point ???


I’m sorry your having to wait stupid amounts of weeks it seems to be with Xmas and covid everything is taking so much longer. So my biopsy in may took 4 weeks. I’m currently on week 11 of my wait for smear and biopsy it’s just so stressful waiting. Sending my love.

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Hi Margaret. Hope you’re well. I’m from Manchester but was on two week wait? Mine were back in a coii you old of weeks. My treatment is under NMGH C

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Hi there.

I had my smear on the 23rd November and I got my result back last thirsday, so if yours is a similar time span you might get a letter in the post soon. I think it’s taking them longer to process the smear tests due to the labs processing lots of covid tests, and then I imagine there’s staff absences as well affecting it.

My result said I’d been referred for a colposcopy but they haven’t told me when that appointment will be or how long the waiting list is. I tried to phone my gp a few times for further info but I haven’t been able to get through so I think there’s staff absences at my gp surgery also.

Hope you get your results soon, try not to worry too much (though it’s understandable if you are, it can be anxiety provoking waiting for results).