Smear result - low grade dyskaryosis

Hi all,

New poster here. 

On 22 October I had a BUPA health check through work which included a smear test.  The results came through on 5 November. The result was that low grade dyskaryosis is present, but no high risk HPV DNA was detected.  The letter with the results recommended routine recall. The BUPA doctor rang me to discuss it and said I was "at stage 2 out of the 9 which lead to cervical cancer" and simply recommended that I get a repeat test in 6 months as my NHS smear was due anyway (not had one for about 7 years).

I took the letter to my GP last Friday (14 November) and she did another smear on the spot, and also said she would arrange for me to have a colposcopy. I received a voicemail from her today (sadly I missed her call due to being in a meeting) and she asked me to make an appointment for a telephone consultation.  This has been arranged for this Friday coming, 21 November.  When I spoke to the receptionist to make the appointment, I told her I was scared because it was in connection with a smear test.  The receptionist said that if it was very serious, they'd get me in for a personal consultation, not a phone consultation. 

I guess I'm looking for some reassurance and confirmation that what the receptionist said is right. I will know all on Friday but I am rattled.  No, I am downright scared. 

Thanks in advance for any support.





Hi Ailsa :-)

Please rest assured that nobody in the health service would even contemplate giving you bad news over the phone.

Please don't be scared, this can be a very scary place as no doubt you have read but it really isn't sounding as though you have much to worry about.

Go well,



Thank you so much, that is very reasuring. 

I will let you know the outcome on Friday.


I spoke to the doctor. As I am negative for HPV, the "national office" is refusing to process the second smear that my GP gave me, having received the results of the BUPA one.  They say I should go for another smear in 3 years.

Happy to accept this of course, but 3 years seems a long time and I'm going to try to get another one in 6-12 months.  I'd appreciate any views on this?

By the way, I know from reading the forum that I am in a much better position than many, and big love and support goes out to everyone going through the mill because of CC.


Hello Hun, glad you're doing ok - it's easy to get scared when you don't know what's going on but hopefully you feel assured now.

I'm sorry to say though that the NHS policy is pretty strict when it comes to smears and I doubt they'd give you one next year before your 3 yearly one is due. It would get turned round again at the lab, or the GP just wouldn't send one off. My advice would be to have one done privately (about £120) next year if you still want one before your NHS one is due. 

I've experienced first hand the refusal of smears (despite having LLETZ for CIN3 previously and still being HPV+ and having symptoms of abnormalities). In the end I had to go private and a small tumour and CIN3 were found. I'm now having my second LLETZ a week on Friday.

Lucy x