Smear result advice

Hi new to this forum. My friend has had high grade hpv shown on recent smear result and needs to have colposcopy. How can I support her? I’m worried for her to don’t know what to say. Any advice please.


I am currently going through the same thing. I received my smear results on Wednesday, and I was advised that they detected high grade dyskaryosis (severe). I have received my appointment for colposcopy for next Thursday.

This news has really affected my mental health. I haven’t been in work since receiving the news, I’m tearful, and just generally distracted from every day life, it’s all I can think about. I have told my husband, my dad and best friend however I still feel very alone.
They don’t really talk to me about it and when I mention it I hear words like be positive, stop thinking of the negative, thousands of women each year have to have a colposcopy it doesn’t mean that it’s cancer. Whilst I know that this is their way of trying to make me feel positive, it doesn’t work. Instead I feel that my feelings aren’t valid, I go through phases of feeling silly for having these emotions.

Check in on your friend often, speak to her and ask her questions, don’t tell her not to worry (she will be unable to think of anything else). Instead do practical things that might help, offer to take her to the hospital, offer to do any tasks that she needs to do but just isn’t up to doing at the moment but most importantly just listen and let her know that the feelings she is experiencing are normal and valid.

I really hope your friend is ok xxx


Thank you for your reply. Hope things go well for you.