Smear recall

Hi. I had a smear in September the results came back HPV and changes and I would be required to go for a colonoscopy. I am still waiting on that appointment. Yesterday I received a letter from the GP asking me to attend a smear test, I am confused as my last one was only 6 months ago and I thought the next step was the colposcopy.

Hi Denise
That is strange! Sounds like their systems have gotten all confused what with you awaiting your colposcopy. Recall is handled by a central service, your GP should be able to contact them for you to check what is going on x

Depending on your grade of abnormal cells, the colposcopy should have been booked either two weeks after receiving the letter (for high grade changes), or 6 weeks (for low grade changes). Your GP practice should be able to contact the clinic to see what’s going on.