Smear Fear

Hi everyone I just wanted to know if anyone else gets the same anxious feelings

I have had three years of monitoring colposcopys and check ups it's been tough, sometimes scarey and draining. I have just had my last smear last week and it came back clear (I cried when I got the results) but I felt so scared to go for my smear. I almost rang the nurse and cancelled it because I felt frightened of what I would be told. 


So my question is will the "smear fear" ever go away? Will I always feel this anxious or does it get easier? Am I being silly? X x 

Hi sweetheart,

the answer is that we ALL have fears and worries in different life situations but....

This is a very important thing,possibly life saving.

So feel the fear but do it anyway.

Better safe than sorry

Take care

Becky x

I'm going for my 2nd colposcopy tomorrow and I'm absolutely terrified. It feels worse than the first one, but then again it was a whole year ago so I can't remember exactly how I felt.

So honestly, I don't know if its going to get easier, especially when they're so spread out. BUT, it could be life-saving.

I often say that line to my daughter "feel the fear and do it anyway", and this time I'm going to have to say it to myself, even with sweaty palms since lunchtime today.

Thanks for these replies I really appreciate it


sometimes it's hard to get other to understand of they haven't been through it

x x x x 

Hi again - I had my colposcopy this morning and kept my mind off it just by playing on the phone etc even in the hour in the waiting room.

Bundle of nerves as I was in the changing room then, but as soon as you lie on that bed, the nurses are just fantastic and really keep you sane.

I find that the more I talk, the less I think about what's going on, so I just talk a load of shite to nurses, about the weather, the traffic, anything that comes to mind.

It really wasn't as bad as I had imagined (once again) in my head. xxx