Smear due but bleeding

Hey all, just a bit of advice. I have a family history of CC so have been on annual smears since age 16.
Had my last smear 2021 which came back high risk HPV but no abnormal cells (had high risk HPV the last few years and one borderline - colposcopy clear). I have been trying to book in for my smear since last year, but everytine I have an apt, either it gets cancelled due to nurse sickness or I start bleeding.
Normally I wouldn’t be worried and just go with the flow.
This month however has panicked me a little.
I came on my period 12th June. Was heavy but it always is. I finished around 21st June.
I then had this really strange watery yellow discharge, it wasn’t foul smelling but did have an odour, I can’t describe it. And there was so much.
Had a shower and thought probably just irritation from wearing sanitary products as I can be sensitive down there.
Anyway, I had intercourse on 27th June and the day after I began bleeding quite heavily and it’s bright red. And I have been bleeding ever since. Not actually due on my period for another few weeks.
I had a smear booked for Wednesday which I’ll have to cancel again but I called my GP today to discuss the bleeding and he’s advised to watch and wait. So now I’m stressing!
And then I worry if the bleeding continues and I won’t be able to have my smear or be examined because of the blood. And then what?!

They say bleeding shouldn’t stop the smear test being done, are you taking pills maybe that’s why you’re bleeding for so long it can mess up your cycle. Also the discharge could be another std go for a check up at the sexual health

I have a copper coil and have done for 8+ years now so no hormones involved. Forgot to mention I’m 36 and have 2 children over 10.
As for STDs, I have been checked in the past which has been clear so unless husband is having an affair it’s safe to assume I’m still clear.
Bleeding has slowed down now which is good. Still debating whether to go to my smear apt tomorrow as don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Hi, did you have your screening test in the end?
I’m so shocked to hear the GP said to “watch and wait”. The GP should know if anything like unusual bleeding comes up then they should be referring you to gynae, not making you wait for a screening test (screening is not recommended for if you have any kind of unusual symptoms).

Hi @zigzaggy, how are you feeling? I hope all well with you, we did not get updates from you…
I hope that you are still reading the forum, you mentioned something about being on smear test since you were 16…how is that? Only asking because I am HPV positive too, for a long time now (my last smear test came back quite scarry, severe high grade dyskaryosis). I am 45 years old and I have a 15 years old daughter, I am sooooooo, sooo worried that I have passed this horrible virus on to her!!