Smear denied

Hi, i was hoping to be on contact with anyone who have had problems getting a smear test. 

Here is my story on brief 

doc appt oct 2013 - smear test and swabs to be taken due to symptoms. I was to book appt with nurse To get these.

Oct 2013 - I moved house and changed practice booked appt with nurse 

nurse appt - October 2013 the nurse refused smear as it was not due, the nurse did not have my notes from prev practice yet 

nov 2013 - I complained to practice re the refusal of smear their response was that they agreed smear was not due even although my prev doc requested this be done 

Swabs came back clear, nothing found in urine. 

April 2014 - back at doctor with symptoms same as octover 2014,ultrasound scan arranged and internal. Treated with silver nitrate for abrasion


scan done, cysts on ovaries found - rescanned oct 2014 cysts not of a size to worry about.


april 2014 - October 2014 seen by gyen 3 times and treated with silver nitrate 3 times for 'abrasion' stI'll no smear!

Smear test due Dec 2014 and cervical cancer found staged at 1b1 and had Rh 3/15, lymph node x3 involvement.

My question is one of taking action about negligence? Has anyone ever attempted ?