Smear, colscopy,leetz results

Hi so I’ve been reading this daily for three months since smear came back hpv and cin1. Had symptoms for years and bled after sex and had colscopy and two biopsies which was suspected cin1 -hpv then biopsies showed cin1 and cin2 :9 had Leetz 14th dec. posted my experience here avit the Lletz to reassure others going through this. The forum is amazing it’s got me through many sleepless nights.
The wait over xmas for Leetz was scary and finally they came back no cc but confirmed cin1 and 2 and 6month return for smear and colscopy. I know how you all feel I woke up last night couldn’t sleep with fear of having to live with Hpv forever… is this true ?
My advice is don’t hunk too soon or too late is a bad sign as my smear took a month I thought it must be clear bt nope it picked up low grade then biopsies showed cin2. I would say ask lots of questions here and with your consultant as mine has been an angel. I read a 48 page documents issued by the gov about smears and treating abnormal cells it’s common but the levels of anxiety is women experience from it is very very true and that’s why I hope my post helps xx