Smear, colposcopy, biopsy, smear, colposcopy, biopsy, smear...!

Hi ladies, I'm new to the site anwho have found it a real help looking through the posts.

Ive had a bit of a nightmare over the last year and a half with results, smears and biopsies! My first ever smear I bled on contact so was referred to the GP, who did anther smear and again, I bled on contact so I was referred to see a gynaecologist. I went for a colposcopy where I had yet another smear, and a biopsy. The gynaecologist said it looked like I had an erosion of the cervix and also an abnormally high cervix. 


Waited for my biopsy results to come back and they returned as CR2, yet the smear came back normal. behead to go back to colposcopy a second time, ready for treatment, but when I arrived I was told they were just taking another smear and leaving me for 6 months for the abnormal cells to kind of sort themselves out. I was pretty shocked as I'd worked myself up for whatever treatment they werechoosing to do. I was 25 at the time and they said they were worried about doing anything too extreme because of my age. This was last year.

Few months ago I got sent a letter for a smear, so popped to my local family planning clinic to have it done. They had no record of any if my results or even needing another smear, it was all very confusing. I had another smear and was referred to my GP, where I bought up my biopsy results. They didn't even have these results! Again my smear came back normal but I was referred to the gynaecologist again. I went 2 weeks ago for an examination and the gaeno said it looked like I had some kind of damage where they had done the biopsy. 2 weeks later I've gone back for a colposcopy and have had LLetz, or a loop diathermy as the nurse called it! Not even sure if that is the same thing? He also said something about the lining of my womb pertruding through my cervix?! This was 3 days ago, I have been so sore since, it feels like the doc has damaged my skin from where he rammed the speculum up me! This morning I also had this weird thin skin discharge which totally faked me out.

So now just waiting on the biopsy results from this lletz. I feel exhausted from it all!


So sorry to hear that you’ve had such an awful time with this, I can fully relate to how you are feeling, I had pretty much the same thing. All I can say is don’t let the just fob you off, I had to “scrapes” before they found my cancer at which point I was at Stage 3!!! I’m not by any way suggesting that you would be the same but just a word of warning not to be fobbed off. Despite my cancer being so far advanced I still had a normal smear!! If your concerned ask for a second opinion, your entitled to that, even just for peace of mind!!! And yes after my LLetz I had, blood, a weird waterey discharge that went on for almost two weeks, and it was very uncomfortable.

Thinking of you, x

Thanks Kate, if it wasn't for me going back to the doctors and insisting on another biopsy, well god knows what would be going on! The fact that I had conflicting results with smear and biopsy...I would have just thought they would do another biopsy? But no one other than me seemed particularly phased by this.

Fingers crossed this biopsy comes back normal. Im a bit fed up of being poked around so much and by so many people!


Apologies for the awful spelling and grammar in my initial post, it was from my Ipad! :)