Smear, Colposcopy and results - information always different

hi everyone, just wondering if anyone is in the same position ...

I had my smear in October 2020 which came back mild changes 

I then went for colposcopy and was told it looked very minor and that the nurse would be very surprised if it came back as anything more than CIN1

Had biopsy results which stated CIN2

Was then told it was sent to the Colposcopy meeting as the lab result said "at least CIN2"

Then received a letter saying "no definite evidence of CIN3" 

After another meeting with colposcopy where I was adement I wanted treatment, the doctor advised me to wait 6 months with monitoring as the area was so small!

just feel like I've lost confidence and don't know what the best course of action is!!

Hi lovely, 


Could you give the colposcopy clinic a call tomorrow and ask to speak to the nurse? Explain you're really worried and you don't know what to do for the best and feel like you need more information before making a decision. I'm sure they'll be really happy to help and may even invite you in for another chat xx