Smear campaign anger

I am finding the smear campaign really difficult to tolerate this year. I've had regular smears since age 17. Borderline changes at 21, no treatment needed but yearly smears for 3 years. Then back to 3 yearly. I've never missed a smear. Diagnoses with CC in June 2015. Total hysterectomy. No lymph involvement thankfully. And I'm fine now. Mainly. But, I got my smear audit results. A long time ago, within a year of treatment. And changes were missed in 2009 and 2012. If they weren't I might not have needed the hysterectomy. My first coposcopy also missed it. And I'm getting angrier the longer time goes on. I've just seen a post on another thread about people suing the nhs because of this. I have no intention of doing that. But I wish I could do something. 

I will ALWAYS encourage women to attend their smear. I will ALWAYS encourage women to listen to their body, as that's what led to my diagnosis. I will ALWAYS promote and share the smear campaign and all the good stuff that Jo's Trust does. But at the back of my mind I can't help thinking "why, when smear testing missed mine for 6 years?"

:-( I'm so sorry you had to go through all this. So awful that it got missed twice. Did you get a letter of apology. 

I'm extremely lucky that mine got caught at cin 3. My previous smear not much earlier was completely normal. I didn't have an audit, but when I saw consultant after treatment due to a bleed. He said he would put money in the fact that my previous was ever not done properly or the lab was wrong due to the extent and 'speed' of my cin3. His exact words! Which is a worry. I have taken to having private smear additionally as I'm so worried something gets missed again...

huge hug and hope your anger goes away :-( You deserve a long and happy life xx

Reading this im absolutely worried sick. I had CIN 3 removed by biopsy 2 years ago, showed Hpv and that's what has caused it.  Follow up smear said alls fine. Just recently started bleeding after sex on and off. It was such a long time ago and I'd missed a few pills i never linked the two. Weirdly I saw the campaign on TV at work and it made me think. But then yesterday after sex I bled an awful amount and have had pain since. It's a weekend so I guess I'm sitting on this until Gp opens on Monday. Keep thinking this is what may have happened to me. I was OK for such a long time. Just sick with worry. 

MayxEllen I'm really sorry I made you feel anxious. This was certain not my intention. I hope you have positive results when you get checked x