Smear came back abnormal high grade

Hi had my results and they came back abnormal and high grade dyskorisis I'm booked in at the hospital on the 28th to have further tests done has anyone else had high grade and what was the outcome x

Hi Halfpint69,


I also had the same results come back in January and I am lucky enough to have private health care (not slating the NHS) just realised I could get a quicker appointment using my health care.  I had a colposcopy where he idntified a small area of abnormal cells.  I went back a week later and he performed a Lletz on me.  Went back a week later and was told they were CINII changes and he taken away about 5% of my cervix.

Yesterday I had my 6 month follow up smear test and will receive the results (by email) in the next 10 days .

Please try not to worry and try to stick to getting advice from this page or NHS pages as every case is different and 1 persons story elsewhere can really upset you like it did for me when I just went google crazy.

Feel free to message me anytime xx