Smear audt

So I got my results of my smear audit today.  Turns out my 2011 smear was actually mild changes and not clear as resported back then. I am not going to obsess over the 'what ifs' as there is no point.  However it does make me realise....

1) smears are so important. While mine missed minor changes in 2011 the one that did pick up the changes saved my life and my fertility.  I just wish we could have them more regularly in the UK. 

2) If you know something is wrong with your body you need to PUSH to get it investigated even if you have a clear smear behind you - and doctors need to take us seriously when we have symptoms.  Mine went from Mild changes in 2011 to cancer 1b1 in December 2014, wihtout treatment. That is pretty fast even for a slow growing tumor!!

Just wanted to share with anyone interested!

N xxx 

Hi Nellie!

How interesting.. I haven't asked if my smears would be audited but am puzzled over the fact that my punch biopsies came back  as CIN2 back in May when I actually had 1b1 diagnosed in June after Lletz. I'm particularly interested as I also paid for a private colposcopy and biopsies which were £800.. I will try and ask my CNS.. It's amazing how the qualifications of the person analyzing the smear at the lab can change someones life..

Anyway it's great that it all worked out well for you at the end and like you say no point in dwelling on the whatifs. I think yearly smears are worth paying for if one can afford them, as 3 years is too long time and in some cases things do develop quite fast..

Thanks for sharing!

xx Anna

I'm looking forward to seeing my audit results.  I had borderline changes in my early 20s but never needed treatment. Wasn't a smear that picked it up now, but as you said, knowing my body and that something wasn't right.

Ladies can I ask how you go about getting these audits done? I'd be very interested to know mine as I went from normal smear in March 2011 to stage 1b2 in Sept 2013 x

Hi Lynnie

every person who is diagnosed with cc in the UK and was having smear tests will have an audit. They just don't seem to tell everyone. I asked my consultant about it. You are entitled to know if you want to. 

N x

My first consultant told me about it and said to ask when I went for follow up. Asked last week and that consultant told me to get in touch with my CNS (different hospitals) so I need to email her.

I had this conversation with my consultant today!

I was diagnosed with 1B1 CC in August. Prior to this, I had always had normal smears. I have never been late and never missed one. My last smear was April 2014 and, again, was normal. My consultant said you have to request an audit. He's told me to contact my GP's surgery as this is who has carried out all my smears and request it that way. I am extremely interested to find out the results of mine. 

Luckily  I found out today that I have been successfully treated. However my treatment was a rad hys. I already have 2 children so loss of fertility was less of an issue for me. However, if I didnt and I faced this despite always doing the "right" thing and going for smears, I couldn't imagine!


I was told by my consultant that the audit starts automatically if all your smears are up to date and clear. My last one was February 2014 and I was provisionally diagnosed (pending MRI) as 1b2 in November 2015.

i think you have to request to see the results, and the audit can take several months but my understanding is that it is a national audit and happens for every case.