Smear at colposcopy

I’ve been under gynaecology/colposcopy since the beginning of the year due to abornal smear ajd biopsy, was told hysterectomy then had anither biopsy and was told all clear, cant have lletz as not enough cervix left. I went for a follow up smear the other day at the colposcopy department. Its thenfirst time a smear has hurt, it is also the first time i have bled from a smear. The doctor printed off a photo this time. Agajn not seen them do this before unless i wasnt paying attention in the past. The doctor normally also always gas a chat afterwards and didn’t this time, but had literally ran the student out pf the exam room before id even got off the bed. I might be being over sensitive after a year of back and forth for 2 failed Lletz, and 2 biopsies. Has anyoje ekse experienced the doctor printing off a photograph? Also the nurse kept moving in front of the screen when i turned to look at it. It looked liek Edward scissor hands had been doing the examination. Has anyone else experienced this ajd what was the outcome